Country Detector

This page will try and guess your location based on your time zone, and display a paragraph below depending on where it thinks you are. The three locations it tries to distinguish are Europe, Japan and the rest of the world. The 'rest of the world' is also displayed if javascript is switched off.

It works using only client-side javascript, so you can use it even if your server doesn't allow you to run scripts.

Clearly, not all countries can be distinguished using time zones alone, but this technique is useful for tasks such as targeting banner ads and affiliate links to people in particular countries

This is country-specific text. This is the default text for 'rest of the world.'

If you want to check that it works, try altering the time-zone setting in control panel/system preferences, and then re-loading the page.

Copyright Mike Dowman, 2010. You may use this script in your own website, and modify it as you wish, so long as you include a link from your website either to this page, or to For the instructions, just look at the page source.

This script comes without any warranty or guarantee of any kind.